Afternoon Session
Nurture children's learning activities through engaging their ethical, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic senses in a specially set-up natural language learning environment.
Small Group
Ideal teacher to student ratio is 1:10, with classes conducted by 2 teachers (NET and Chinese teacher). Teaching in small groups provides more opportunities for interaction and enhances creativity and problem-solving skills.
Cooperative Learning
Teachers and students will explore different activities together. This gives teachers ample opportunity to assess student's needs and provide different areas for learning. Through these activities, each child's individual abilities will be maximized.
Aesthetic Development
Dedicated teachers in art and music will tailor-make programmes for each class based on their developmental stage. The class teachers and special teachers will cooperate throughout the programmes to encourage students' interest in music and art.
Bilingual classes will have 3 hours of exposure to spoken English. Language instruction is conducted in a natural and lively environment, where NETs will teach English and Phonics through games and interactive sessions. A Mandarin teacher will provide instruction in Mandarin pronunciation and improve students' command of the language.
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