Morning Session
Children are all unique and special with diverse potential. From learning-by-doing, children discover the qualities and characteristics of different materials introduced in each topic. They are able to create with their own ideas and concepts gained during each designated topic, and will enhance their initiative for learning and logical thinking.
Small Group
Teachers will provide for students' needs and observe them through their daily activities. Constant encouragement will be given in order to establish close relationships with students.
Exploratory Learning
Teachers will facilitate learning by allocating an extended period of time for students to explore the different learning areas set up in the classroom. Extensive interaction between students and teachers will enhance cognitive, social and verbal skills.
Music and Movement Activities
Music and physical activities are merged to improve students' balance and spatial awareness. Students will be inspired to reach new heights of creativity and expressiveness.
Students will be exposed to the English language for 25 minutes a day. The Native English Teachers employ fun and exciting methods of teaching to improve students' command of the language. Aside from formal lessons, the NETs will also participate in physical activities to increase exposure to spoken English. There will also be Mandarin lessons twice a week, where the Mandarin teacher will introduce sounds and pronunciation through interesting songs and activities.
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